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Alexangel Estevez was born and raised in
East Los Angeles, California.


During his school years at James Garfield High School, he enrolled in as many art courses as he could. In his senior year (1995), he and a group of art students established an art mural course, which was approved by the principal. It allowed them to create murals throughout the campus.
They can still be seen today. 


During the decade following his graduation he entered the work force and put his passion for the arts aside. However, by 2005 he realized that graphic designing and studio art was a field that he wanted to continue.


In 2006 he moved to the east coast to pursue his career in visual fine arts and attended Howard Community College in Columbia, Maryland. There he double majored in Studio Art and Graphic Design. He was awarded AA in Fine Arts in 2008. Alexangel was then accepted at the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. In 2011, he was awarded his BFA degree cum laude with a major in Graphic Design.


His passion and inspiration is the land around him. Whether it is landscapes or cityscapes, his eyes capture the scene and his imagination explores the details of nature that may otherwise elude others. He enjoys being swept away with awe-inspiring views. As an artist, he expresses himself with oils. His works best described as " My paintings are vivid with colors creating the sense of energy, yet the scene is peaceful and serene."


Alex’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries across america.


The English Romantic painter John Constable has had a major influence in Alex’s paintings.


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